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Stocked Feeds
Producers Cooperative Association has an excellent selection of quality made, nutritionally sound stock feeds available daily bagged or in bulk at the feed center warehouse.  We have feed available for multiple species and circumstances including; dairy cattle, beef cattle, goats, sheep, horses, pigs, laying hens, broilers, turkeys, rabbits, deer, dogs, cats, and even pond fish.
Feed ingredients and Commodities
Do you like to mix your own feed?  With the way feedstuffs and commodities are always changing prices, it's nice to be able to stay current.  That's why Producers has posted a current list of our available ingredients for you to check at your convience. See our available feed ingredients and commodities clicking on the above link in blue.




Producers Cooperative Association has many different types of supplements to ensure that your livestock are getting complete nutrition.  Click on the "Mineral Choices" link to view some of the ideal uses for our mineral supplements.  Click on the "Stockade Supplements" link to go to the Stockade website.  We also have a variety of protein supplements for goats, sheep, cattle, and horses; including 200 pound free choice, all natural 20% protein lick tubs.

Click on the Mineral Choices link below for information about our Minerals.

Mineral Choices                                              

Quality Liquid Feed
Save time and money with a free choice QLF lick tank.  Your cattle will get the protein they need at a great price without the labor of grain supplementation.  Check out your options at the QLF link below, or call us today with your questions.    

Get more information about 
QLF(Quality Liquid Feeds) at the official website.

Save time and labor.  Have your feed delivered.  We can auger your feed order right into your feeders and bins.  
We will take your feed order in what ever way is most convenient for you.  If your computer is easy for you,
 Order Bulk Feed conviently by email  for Delivery or Pickup.
To ensure that we have your feed ready when you need it, order one to two days in advance.  


Please, feel free to call the Feed Center with questions or comments at



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