Included are just a select few of the services and products we provide, for a full description of how we can service you and your operation’s needs, please call our office. Let’s raise the bar, and make this year your most profitable yet!

Producers COOP, Workin’ For YOU!

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Seed Recommendation

Don’t be fooled into buying just any seed variety! At Producer’s Cooperative, we selectively choose seed varieties that will best compliment YOUR operation. Taking into consideration soil type, soil structure, moisture levels, previous soil tests and current fertility, prior insect and disease outbreaks, crop rotation, and weed seed population for each individual field, we strive to offer the best variety to ensure YOUR best economic return on investment. We offer Dekalb, Asgrow, Croplan, Stine, and many more varieties!

Seed Treatment

We offer state-of-the-art seed treatment of bulk soybean and wheat seed. Always handled with care, you can buy your seed from us, or we can treat the seed you already have with our top-of-the-line and economical fungicide and insecticide seed treatments available. Let us help you, ensure your crop’s economic future! Don’t stop there, for you cattle and pasture producers, be sure to ask us about our nitrogen stabilizers that sustain your applied nitrogen and guarantee it is available for plant uptake. Not only can you reduce to amount of N applied, but you can increase your grass production!

Crop Scouting

Our professionally trained Agronomists use site-specific geo-referencing to deliver effectively timed recommendations, focused solely on efficiently managing your economic threshold, in order to increase your yield and profit! Our custom designed scouting packages dedicated to your operation’s needs, delivers weed management strategies, insect & disease control tactics, current cropping system’s development, and expected yield outcome data on a weekly basis through our state-of-the-art, innovative scouting program technologies. The health of your financial investment is of the utmost importance to us.

Grid & Zone Soil Sampling

Approaching your soil fertility program with a grid or zone soil sampling method allows for maximum efficiency from a site-specific standpoint, which ultimately decreases your yearly financial investment. Pinpointing your exact nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, organic material, pH level, micronutrients, and soil type/structure allows for management practices that will best benefit each individual field by cropping seasons. Today’s fertility management requires the forward thinking techniques in site-specific geo-referencing, to effectively administer a fertility program. By taking soil samples through grid or zone practices, we can tailor to your soil’s health through our cutting-edge technology, variable rate application and ultimately, potential yield data.

Custom or Variable Rate Application

We have the capability to custom apply fertilizer at a variable rate tailored to your specific crop needs and soil fertility on a field-by-field basis. Soil testing to application, start to finish, Producers COOP is able to help you receive the most profit per dollar spent on fertility. Whether that includes increasing the productivity of great soils, or establishing the health and capability for poorer soils to produce at a higher production level, we are solely focused on increasing your return on investment, after all YOU are our patrons, YOU own our COOP. Not only can we variable rate essential macro elements like N, P, & K, but we also variable rate micro elements like boron, sulfur, and other special fertilizer blends to the recommended rate.

Crop Planning

Our Agronomy Center Agronomists offer crop planning projections on a farm by farm or field by field basis, focused on securing the highest return on your investment. From fertilizer recommendations to build and maintain your productivity, to well-rounded chemical recommendations fixated on weed/disease/insect control methods that take future poverties into perspective today, our team will find the exact fit for your operation. We all know, pretty is, as pretty does and as businesses in this industry evolve into tomorrow’s hopes for agriculture, we all have to keep our bottom dollar in mind to better secure our financial investment. So don’t settle for less than the best, choose a professional and let your Agronomist invest in you. We’re called Producers for a reason, we believe in and support you!

Mid-Season Nitrogen Application & Nitrogen Management

We offer mid-season nitrogen applications to corn and topdressing in wheat with UAN. When applying 50%-90% of the total nitrogen value needed in corn at the V6 stage instead of at planting, you drastically cut down nitrogen lost through volatilization, leaching, denitrification, and total cost, while boosting grain yield. Remember, corn needs over 50% of it’s total nitrogen at V8-VT stages (4-8 lbs/day for 30 days) and in doing so, you can increase green leaf area during the critical R1-R6 stages (silking to physiological maturity) which directly influences grain production in relation to photosynthesis. Don’t forget about our many nitrogen stabilizers for UAN, anhydrous, and urea which drastically increases the productivity and reduces the loss of Nitrogen through volatilization, denitrification, and leaching by converting your N to ammonium (a usable form for plant uptake).